Interactive Wrapping paper designer
Paperchase Interactive wrapping paper designer

Paperchase Interactive wrapping paper designer

Wrapping Paper Interactive Designer Table

We were asked by the shop designers to produce a focal point video projected wall solution with some kind of interactive application for the public to use

Paperchase called on us to come up with a digital concept for their Glasgow flagship store to engage with the public and provide a fun interactive experience.

We called upon one of our strategic partners and produced an interactive wrapping paper designer with bespoke stencils that were in keeping with Paperchases designs.

This is displayed on an interactive 32″ multitouch display built in to a bespoke table. For the public to see what is going on and to get involved the display is mirrored on to a 2 metre projection screen (screen was retro cut round seams in glass paneling on architects request) via a projector


  • Category : Bespoke / Interactive / Rear Projection
  • Date : August 8, 2014
  • Client : Paperchase
  • Address : Glasgow Flagship Store
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