143" VIdeowall
143″ Touchscreen Videowall

143″ Touchscreen Videowall

143" interactive videowall

Surecom Mobile Phone Pilot Store

consisting of bespoke glass multitouch 146″ Videowall with 3 x 3 46″ LG Narrow Bezel screens and multiple 7″ Digital product labels built in to bespoke furniture

Working with the Architects/Shop fitters we proposed a 146″ bespoke glass videowall and various options for digital product labels. All screens powered by Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage, with remote updating by the companies head office.

The 7″ digital labels are populated by wallflower extracting content from the customers existing website database. Not only does this ensure the digital pricing labels are current and always up to date –  there is no need for the duplicate creation of content for the digital store, saving our client considerable time and effort.

The digital labels have interactive triggers, allowing the customers to switch between tariff and product information.

The 146″ multitouch IR Overlay and the bespoke coated glass on the videowall,  provides the store with a future proofed installation ready for interactive content in the future.

9 x LG 46″ Ultra slim Bezel Displays

Peerless Mounts

146″ 40 Touch IR Overlay

Bespoke Single Piece of Coated Glass

Datapath Videosplitter and controllers

Tannoy Directional Speakers & Ecler Micro AMP

Wallflower Powered Intel core i5 Processor PC

Multiple – 5  x 7″ USB Displaylink running of 1 PC powered by Wallflower

  • Category : Interactive / VideoWall
  • Date : May 17, 2013
  • Client : Surecom
  • Address : Guernsey
143" Videowall